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Ray D'Arcy
TV & Radio Presenter

'The work Stevey J done with us was the highlight of our year'

Muhammad Ali backs The Super You Program

World Champion Boxer rubber stamps the school program Stevey J is a Director on.

Global Business Award

Stevey J wins International Business Award out of 5000 business Globally for Gym success

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100 Marathons
in 100 days 

Stevey J completes his EPIC journey running a marathon everyday for 100 days in 2015

Local Hero Award UK

Ronan Keating & Harriet Scott from Magic Radio London present James from Stevey J International with the Local Hero Award 

60 Ultra Marathons in 60 days

Stevey J runs a total of 2379 miles (3828km) in 60 consecutive days reaching out the Hand of Friendship across every major town and city in Ireland in 2016

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Business gone
up 10x 

'One phone call in the beginning helped me achieve a 12 month goal in just 2 months."   Ciaran Power 

Recording Artist loves accountability 

'It's always good to have someone who has your back and who is in your corner. This progressed our business monumentally'. Marty Rafferty 

Tried programs before - this is more authentic

'I've been to Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor & a lot of others in this space. I find Stevey J more authentic - Go whenever you can'. Francis Fitzpatrick 

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