30 Days Silence For Orphan Children of Belarus

Join Stevey & friends in a day of silence, or more if you'd like.
Stevey J is doing 30 days of silence for orphan children of Belarus. He was inspired by one of the children he met in Belarus who couldn't see, couldn't hear, and couldn't speak. Some of the children never will in their life - so he feels he can do it for 30 days.
IODP has been helping orphan children in Belarus for 24 years and the work they do is phenomenal for orphan children with special needs and many of them have been rescued from tough situations. Every year, they get Santa Claus. Some of the children ask for an iron, kettle, or blanket because they understand when they leave the orphanage they won't have anything.
A lot of the money also goes to buy essential items - from windows to tractors to pillows to light sockets to paint to everything you can possibly think of to run an orphanage.
If you wish to do a day of silence, share this link with your family & friends to support you.
The orphan children will really appreciate any donation you can make.